How to Post to the ALACC Job Bank

Jessica Davis

How to Post to the ALACC Job Bank

ALA Capital Chapter is happy to maintain a Job Bank as part of our membership and sponsorship benefits. This is a tool for ALACC members and Business Partners to post job vacancies at no cost.  Please feel free to post your job vacancies to this forum.

The forum is a secure area and security access must be given to Capital Chapter members and Business Partners who wish to post jobs to this forum.  To gain your security clearance, please send an e-mail to [login to unmask email]  and Chapter Headquarters will verify your membership and add your name to the list of authorized job posters (please note: security access is permanent and does not need to be re-granted each time you'd like to post a new position).

Posting a Job
Once you have been granted access to post to the Job Bank, click on the"+" button to the left of the "Threads" heading to create your post (Don't see the "+" button? Try logging out and back in). Things to remember when posting a job vacancy:

  • Be sure to include the name of the firm either in the subject line or the posting
  • Don't forget to include the "How to Apply" information for your job in the body of your posting
  • By default, email addresses are not visible to users who are viewing the Job Bank without logging into the website. To allow potential applicants who are not members of the Chapter to apply for your job vacancy, please either:
    1. Direct applicants to the careers page of your firm's website instead of providing an email address in the posting, or;
    2. Enter a space on either side of the "@" symbol in the application email address ("[login to unmask email]" becomes resumes @")

Editing a Post
To make an edit to your post:

  1. Click on the post you'd like to edit
  2. Scroll to the bottom of your post and click on the pencil icon in the bottom right corner
  3. When you are finished, click "OK" to save your updated post

Deleting a Post
Posts are automatically deleted after 60 days. To have a post that is fewer than 60 days old removed, please email Chapter Headquarters at info @

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