CLM Information

The Association of Legal Administrators offers a voluntary certification program in order to provide legal administrators an opportunity to demonstrate a command of the core areas of knowledge essential to the effective performance of the principal administrator.

Areas which will be addressed include financial management and accounting, human resources management and development, office services and information systems management, and trends in the legal industry. Eligibility criteria include education, work experience, endorsement of the ALA Code of Ethics, and the administrator must be employed full-time by a qualifying law office or court system.

NEXT EXAM DATE: May 18, 2021


In anticipation of the May 2021 CLM exam, ALA Chicago is once again launching a CLM study group.  Over a year ago, ALA Chicago opened their study group to all ALA members.  They are thrilled to report that the Fall 2020 Study Group had 105 members from 44 chapters around the country, with over 90% of those who passed the November exam being members of the group! Below is a summary of the group’s offerings:

  • A series of one-hour comprehensive study sessions via Zoom webinar – approximately 19 sessions
  • A variety of highly-qualified speakers including a CPA, several labor and employment attorneys, counsel from ARDC, technology professionals, insurance brokers, real estate brokers, employee benefits experts and more
  • Access to speakers for questions and guidance
  • Full access to the Chicago Study Group’s Google drive of study materials and speaker presentations.  Note: You need a Gmail account to access these.
  • An abundance of sample test questions
  • Support from prior study group participants and current CLM’s to encourage you along your study journey
  • Access to our chapter’s CLM Director to help answer questions and guide you to success
  • Opportunities to form new relationships across ALA chapters

To help offset costs, ALA Chicago charges a nominal $100 fee to join the Study Group.  For unemployed members, or members significantly impacted financially by the pandemic, ALA Chicago will waive the study group program fee. Visit the Certification page and access registration on ALA Chicago’s website here

If you have any questions regarding this email, please contact Rita Nielsen

NEXT EXAM DATE: May 18, 2021