Emergency Preparedness Helpful Links

Golden Triangle Presentation on Emergency Preparedness


Regional  Information Sources

Capital Region Updates: Weather, Alerts, Traffic, Utilities, Local RSS feeds together in one source (provided by local governments) 

Metropolitan Police Department Twitter

DC Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency Twitter

CAPITALERT: Free sign up for local government alerts


Personal and Family Preparedness Resources

Ready NOVA - This is a great step-by-step tool for personal plan development

Ready.gov  - This is a FEMA site that has good resources for making a plan and building a kit.


Shelter in Place Resources

Depending on the emergency, the best method for protection may be to evaluate the situation and shelter in place while the hazard is being reduced. Below are some resources to assist in developing or improving the shelter in place program in your workplace.

American Red Cross Fact Sheet on Shelter in Place 

Redefining Readiness Report: “With the Public’s Knowledge, We Can Make Shelter in Place Possible” 

Department of Labor- OSHA e-Tool on Shelter in Place 


FEMA Free Online Preparedness Courses

Are You Ready? In Depth Guide to Citizen Preparedness  

Protecting Your Home or Small Business from Disaster  


Continuity of Operations Planning (COOP)

Federal Emergency management Agency COOP Division  

Continuity Plan Templates

 Ready NOVA - This is a great step by step tool for plan development 


COOP Training Courses from FEMA

Introduction to Continuity of Operations Course  

Continuity of Operations (COOP) Program Manager Course  


Evacuation Routes

Find your evacuation routes - Just type in your address. Remember these are just routes, you will need to take into account that everyone will try to use these routes.